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JavaScript DHTML Menu Tutorial. Find an answer how to make your website navigation fast and comfortable with Deluxe
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27 April 2010

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If you are a web developer, you must ensure that the websites that you develop have a good interface. No matter what the content be of your website, if it doesn’t have the interface that many popular websites have, you will lose out more than half of your visitors as it would ultimately lead to lack of comfort in navigation. For instance, you can design animated and visually attractive menus for your website with the help of most powerful platform i.e. Javascript. JavaScript DHTML Menu v.1.0 is a powerful tutorial application and find out the best in class styles that would make your website, a definite winner and make it stand out in terms of interface and navigation.

JavaScript DHTML Menu v.1.0 lets you unleash the full power of the Advanced Javascript technologies. The program has a nice multiple window interface that would let you design amazing Javascript menus in a few simple clicks. You can design menus with multiple rows, floating menus, animation effects and can add many other customizations. All the menus are completely compatible with most popular browser platforms like Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Netscape, Safari etc. which ensures zero compatibility issues. The advanced and intuitive Deluxe Tuner Graphical User Interface would completely assist in designing drop down menus in the dhtml form. The floating menus can float over both the co-ordinate axes and the submenus can include a number of columns which would mean proper indexation of all the website items. For all this, you don’t need to go into any complex level coding or web programming as all this can be done with complete assistance from the GUI of the program.

Summing it up, JavaScript DHTML Menu v.1.0 gets an overall score of four rating points on the scale of five for its powerful functionality that would make the task of designing new web menus easier and faster.

Publisher's description

JavaScript DHTML Menu Tutorial. Find an answer how to make your website navigation fast and comfortable with Deluxe JavaScript Menu! Use Deluxe Tuner GUI to create your dhtml drop down menu. The generated menu will work correctly in al browsers even javascript is disabled as dhtml css menu. Use a mouse to move a menu as a usual window. Also you can create the menu where each submenu can be "separated" from the menu (MS Office toolbar-like mode). When the page is scrolled the menu remains visible. The menu can "float" along one or two coordinate axes. You can create multilevel menus - create as many rows of the menu as necessary. Any submenu in its turn can include different number of columns.
Key features.
High Performance: * AJAX menu loading - loads web menu data from the server "on-the-fly". * Commonly loads quicker than other html page elements * UL/LI items structure * Runs well with an unlimited number of submenus and items
Easy Setup: * De Luxe Tuner. GUI interface to create your javascript dhtml menu menus easily and in no time * Sensible menu parameters for manual editing of Javascript Dhtml Menu
Professional Look-n-feel: * Entirely customizable look-n-feel * A lot of pre-designed javascript dhtml menu samples * Hundreds of visual effects * Custom CSS styles can be applied for all menu settings
Compatibility: * Full cross-browser compatibility including IE, Netscape, Mozilla, Opera, Firefox, Konqueror and Safari on Windows, Mac OS and Linux * Menu can be populated from a database using ASP, PHP, etc. * Search engine friendly * Support for any doctypes * Fits for secure sites * Section 508 compliant
Cost Effective: * Starts at just $39. * FREE for non-commercial websites. * No-limits free trial version.
JavaScript DHTML Menu
JavaScript DHTML Menu
Version 1.0
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